Pareo Babbaki in Woman magazine

A manual of style to combine a pareo well (on the beach and in the city) is the latest report of Woman Magazine where they compile the best looks with pareo seen on Instagram this summer and where Babbaki’s pareo appears.

The animal print pareo, is made of cotton with tiger print and is one of the pareos selected by the magazine since the animal spirit triumphs in the prints of this summer.

We can also see that the afro pareo causes trend and the ‘influencer’ Paula Ordovás @paulaordovas combines flat and maxi-eard sandals.

As Woman magazine says, sarongs have always accompanied us in our days of sun and beach, but since Jacquemus took them to the catwalk”the sarongs are on their way to becoming the star garment of summer 2020. Fashion experts never forget it on their holidays, and it is such a versatile garment that you can take it to the beach, in the city or even as a guest.

Do not miss the article where they show you all their shapes, such as dress, top, bag and even bikini top.

The pareo afro, is available in 4 colors; red, black, blue and olive green, and in this collection we have also included the afro mix sarongs, which combines several prints and colors that are available in our online store.